1. Efficiency in Audit Service

【Speedy Service by Young Professionals】

NoHara Audit Corporation is the professional firm which all management members are 40s. A just sized organization, hence quick decision making. We are able to respond to a sudden client request. Welcome to any other kind of inquiries or requests, of course, as well as accounting and auditing issues. We would respond to the issues speedy and sincerely.

【Audit DX (Digital Transformation)】

One of our audit firm policies is to proceed Audit DX (Digital Transformation). We achieve efficient audit by the way of using various digital technologies in audit works. Work volume in client side will be also reduced, consequently.

【Enough Communication with Client】

The most important thing for efficient audit is not only DX or systemization but also enough communication with client, we firmly believe. Audit is a co-work between client and auditor. Our audit firm makes deep explanation to client about work steps and necessary documents before staring audit service.

2. Quality as well as Big Firm

【Work Experience in Big Firm】
All partners of NoHara Audit Corporation are former members of Ernst & Young Japan. Our rich work experiences cover on from mid-sized companies to listed companies. Furthermore, had enough audit performance in private educational organization, medical organization, comprehensive external audit on local governments and IPO (Initial Public Offering). We surely provide high quality audit service with enough work experience and knowledge.
【Communication with English Language】
Many members of NoHara Audit Corporation have work experience at Ernst & Young in overseas countries. We had communicated and worked with foreign CPAs over enough period face to face basis. We are able to communicate, discuss and negotiate with English timely and effectively. Our audit firm is also able to provide various kind of reports written in English.

3. Fee System

【Fee Level as Mid-sized Firm】

NoHara Audit Corporation is an independent and just sized audit firm. We are able to provide accounting and audit service at reasonable fee level since we are free from alliances fees or system usage cost such as big firm.